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Video Game Cosplay
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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
2:02 pm
Hey everyone! I'm just here to show pics of my first costume that was made for someone else. I hear people call them "commision" costumes but I am such a noob I don't want to say something I'm not sure of and sound stupid lol. Anyways, to show him how it was comming out I would dress up and take pics, just thought I would post them up here so you guys can see too!

me as CidCollapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, May 13th, 2005
2:39 pm
Jacket time
Alright Friday is the best day of them all! But it's even more special because I have finished my jacket! I had nothing really better to do so I got in the whole get up. Well...bits and pieces. I wasn't wearing my pony tail piece or my arm band but I think you get the point. Besides I'm only showing off the jacket! The Advent Children pics won't be for awhile I need to get Kevin's (which is 99% done) and mine (which just NEEDS the new dress) done, then I'll have good pics to show.

Come check out my jacket!!Collapse )
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
8:49 pm
I'm working on a costume for Alice from RE: Apoc. I'm having trouble finding the green netting/fishnet/mesh she wears over her tanktop. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can look for something like that?
8:40 pm
Advent Children Cloud
Alright, I have pictures of my newest creation. The arm thingy from advent children...thingy, sleeve you get the idea. So I got pics to show, check them out!

AHH! Me without makeup! lol.Collapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
3:00 pm
All my hard work has paid off! I posted this everywhere so I am sorry if you see it twice
After alot of working and perfecting the tiniest of details. I think I have a Cloud costume to be proud of. I had my husband take a few pics to show off/celebrate. So if you want/if you're bored/if your feeling SAUCY (lol, my husband always says that) take a look at the pics!

Saucy?Collapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, April 18th, 2005
12:44 pm
trying to keep this journal going plus a question to you guys
My question this week is..what do you people use for a nice smooth finish?!? I am at my wits end with this shoulder pad. I thought "Well I can't use resin, so I'll just use tons of spray paint as like a glaze type thing to cover any imperfections". It is awful, now it's all goopy looking. It doesn't look like metal at all anymore. I should have stuck with the paper mache but I'm a perfectionist so I tried to make it better. So I am just wondering if anyone made something like armor what did you finish it with. Heelp meeee!

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
6:48 pm
My perfectionist attitude totally slapped me in the face today. I went out to buy resin. (In case you didn't know resin is this liquid plastic) All the really excellent cosplayers always made their armor with resin. Seeing how it was the miracle product I had to give it a try. I was really excited when I saw it in AC moore and I bought 15 dollars worth which ended up being a lot! Then I tried it on Thursday, let it rest. It's supposed to dry in like 2 days, at least that's what my box said. So I was all excited and I pointed out the drying masterpieces to everyone who came in. Then Friday came hey no prob still got more time, saturday..um it should be dry by now...sunday...hey this isn't really funny anymore! Monday AHHH! Why isn't it done!?!?! Then I read on the box. It must be one part resin one part hardener. I'm still thinking yeah..cool.. Then I looked at my bottles...I had more resin than hardener. I used a measuring cup for it but the viscosity of the liquid made some stick to the bottom of the cup and made it un equal. Now all my things are ruined. These past few days I have just been working on re doing all that was lost. I guess there really is no moral to the story. Just wondering if anyone else has a story of cosplaying pain to share.

Current Mood: embarrassed
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
1:14 pm
I finally got the shoulder pad on. I tried to buy some of that clear elastic tape for it but it ended up that velcro really worked well! My question to you guys is "should I trust the glue on the back of the velcro to hold it or should I use some hot glue?" And "Is there any glue stronger than hot glue?".. I am gonna be working on the boots and straps these next two days and I have confirmation from Kevin that new pics will happen this weekend! Ok, tell me what you guys think on the glue because I just worry about Otakon, I don't want to be walking around, the shoulder pad rolls off, and the stampede of otaku just destroy it! I also worry about keeping my huge thick pony tail on but that's another worry for another day. I got 4 months..

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
12:42 am
Rikku's garter
First of all, hey everyone! I've been doing cosplay for about three years now and I just recently started doing commission costumes. The first costume that I ever made was Rikku's from FFX, and I'm wanting to restore it. The piece of it that has remained intact for three years without needing to be restored is the garter, and all I need to do to it is get a nice gun holster and attach it. Tell me what you guys think!

A couple garter picsCollapse )

When I get the whole costume finished, I'll post pics of me all decked out in it too.

Current Mood: cool
Friday, April 1st, 2005
1:38 pm
Shoulder pad
Hey! I think I may have done better with the shoulder pad this time. I got some pics of it's transfermation and a reference pic so anyone can rate it and check it out/give me suggestions.

Take a look see!Collapse )

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, March 25th, 2005
12:17 pm
Ok! I am trying to get some pics on the journal because seeing is much more fun that reading! I hope you guys will take some pics of yourself and get them on here too! These are gonna be pics of me(Aeris) and my husband(Cloud) cosplaying!

Check them out here!Collapse )
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
3:39 pm
Hi, I'm Trin and I cosplayed gunner Yuna from FFX-2 two years ago at Otakon. This year, I'm planning on doing Heather from Silent Hill 3, Ashley from RE4, and Alice from Res Evil:Apoc. (I don't know if that last one counts. It is a movie based off a game.)

With my Yuna costumes.. I had the worst time getting a hold of the boots. This time around.. I'm still having the worst time finding boots. I guess I have boot issues...

Current Mood: tired
1:07 pm
I am having the worst time with my shoulder pad for Cloud(FFVII original). The texture always seems lumpy and it doesn't matter what I do. I tried using foam, but then you could just see the foam and it made a crpatacular pattern on it. Then I tried plaster as a coat but it started cracking. Then I used paper mache but that has definate paper lines in it then I tried foam finish and sanded that down but it is still lumpy. If only I knew how to use casting and molds and stuff I could really do something good. I might go for sculpty clay, but i am afraid of the bumps again..::Sigh::
3:35 am
My first post!
Y0, all! D'name's Aubrey, AKA Wolfshadow, AKA ff7sam's sister, fellow gamer, fellow cosplayer.

Done 3 cosplays thus far, Kasumi (DOA2 - C3), White Mage (FF1 / 8-Bit), and this year, am doing a GIANT METOOL. (Mega Man / Rockman)

Will post pics tomorrow! ^_^

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
11:58 pm
Hello everyone and welcome to my new community "Video Game Cosplay"! Hopefully in time this place will be a hang out for alot of people. I will try to make this place as friendly and positive as I can. So don't be afraid to post your pics! I want people to post anything here that has to do with cosplay. That means new props/weapons/armor or anything that has to do with your costume. It'll be fun to watch as your costumes improve!
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