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Video Game Cosplay

Video Game Cosplayers
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Hey! Welcome to Gamer's cosplay! A place to show off your costume talent! Keeping in mind it should be video game related. Every place has rules, but most of these rules are just to encourage people to have fun and ensure everyone's happiness here!

1. Check your egos at the door! I don't wanna hear how someone is better than another one, or how it isn't a real picture because it isn't outside, or that this person only has one costume, or this person is a noob. This should be about love of the characters/costuming, not a huge self glamorizing, other people bashing, "I'm better than you" club. I don't want anyone to feel nervous about posting.

2. Put your pics behind LJ cuts. If you don't know how to do that it's cool I will help you out right here! to start it. Then post your pics and put to end it! Simple as that! Give people a choice wether they want to see your pics or not! lol

3. Finally, only time will tell how young the members will be so make your pics non pornographic/non hentai. Also, make sure to try to keep your language under control. It's just respectfull. If you can't find a way to explain how you feel, there is always this "!@#$%^&*($#%^&*#$%^"!!!!!

4. You can post the character as long as they have appeared in a video game. This means I have no problem with things like X men, Disney, and heck even star wars. If you don't like it, just don't read the post.

5. Don't critique anyone by their bodies. If people ask for suggestions that's fine as long as your comment is about the COSTUME and not the person.

Ok! Let's try to all have a good experience here! As maker of this community I will promise one thing, if you post your pics but no one has commented. Never fear, I will comment! I will be very active on this and see it everyday, (Except maybe weekends) so I will try to add as much as I can and see as much of you guys as possible! Let the fun begin!