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My perfectionist attitude totally slapped me in the face today. I went out to buy resin. (In case you didn't know resin is this liquid plastic) All the really excellent cosplayers always made their armor with resin. Seeing how it was the miracle product I had to give it a try. I was really excited when I saw it in AC moore and I bought 15 dollars worth which ended up being a lot! Then I tried it on Thursday, let it rest. It's supposed to dry in like 2 days, at least that's what my box said. So I was all excited and I pointed out the drying masterpieces to everyone who came in. Then Friday came hey no prob still got more time, it should be dry by now...sunday...hey this isn't really funny anymore! Monday AHHH! Why isn't it done!?!?! Then I read on the box. It must be one part resin one part hardener. I'm still thinking Then I looked at my bottles...I had more resin than hardener. I used a measuring cup for it but the viscosity of the liquid made some stick to the bottom of the cup and made it un equal. Now all my things are ruined. These past few days I have just been working on re doing all that was lost. I guess there really is no moral to the story. Just wondering if anyone else has a story of cosplaying pain to share.
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